Experience the hotel business in a different way!

Together, let’s make the most of your picturesque hotels!

Magali Morisson

My job, my missions:

• 18 years’ experience and success at the service of your picturesque hotels.
• To work with you bringing authenticity, excellence and tailor-made services to enhance your assets, strategic choices and innovation projects.

My passion for the hotel business

18 years of experience, teamwork and approved know-how.

Experiences & recommendations

The current situation drives you to action…
now is the time the best decisions are made!

Is the current situation
driving you to redefine
your strategy and innovate?

Bounce back with common sense.

Aim to obtain genuine support and highlight your strengths and added values.

How to plan? Establish working methods? Bring rigor within your team?
How to have a customer perspective? Study his career? Listening to him?
How to differentiate yourself from the competition? Bring confidence and reassure?
How to innovate at low costs? Control your operating expenses?
How to position yourself as a market leader, locally, on the internet and social networks?

Let’s make passionate decisions!

Highlight your assets

Reinvent yourself with common sense

Turn your ideas into success

Customise your services

Attract and surprise your customers

Control your communication

Benefit from the best hotel references and professional networks

Give soul and value to your spaces

Invest in eco-responsible projects with high added value for a more sustainable hotel industry

With 2M, it’s possible…

Are you looking for a qualified professional in communication such as digital, signs, signage, making and printing your restaurant cards?

Do you need an interior design service to improve your spaces?

To meet your needs, I select the best suppliers and professionals in the region for you.

Digital & media

Community management


Spatial planning
Interior design

Graphic creation



Outdoor sign
Interior signage

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Experience the hotel business in a different way!

C/O Agence Adhoc
17 Place Travot
44302 CHOLET

+ 33 6 64 29 23 71magali@2m-is.com